Best Power Banks under Rs. 300

This list includes the rankings of the Best Power Banks below Rs. 300. The list includes short reviews for all the powerbanks available in India..

In this category, power banks are priced at around 300. The average battery capacity in this list is around 2000 mAh and the highest battery capacity in this category is 2200 mAh (Ambrane P 201 2200 Mah Power Bank). Where as lighest powerbank available is just 0 gm(Ambrane P 201 2200 Mah Power Bank) gms, in general powerbanks are providing 1 connector ports. you can get most compact 90 x 32(Ambrane P 201 2200 Mah Power Bank) powerbank.

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Ambrane has long been a player in the field of powerbanks and Ambrane P 201 2200 Mah Power Bank is proof of that.

Ambrane P 201 2200 Mah Power Bank has the lowest weight among others on this list.It is most compact in size PowerBanks under Rs. 300. Also, it is cheapest,best performance ,packs the largest battery,has maximum ports,is most priced in this list.

the external battery pack 90 x 32 x 20 mm, isn?t much larger than many smartphones.. It has 2200 mAh battery and can easily recharge any normal smartphone more than twice. Ambrane P 201 2200 Mah Power Bank comes with 1 ports.

Ambrane P 201 2200 Mah Power Bank offers the best performance and battery life among powerbanks below.

Capacity 2200 mAh
No of output ports 1
Fast charge No
LED Flash light No
Dimensions 90 x 32 x 20 mm